Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Qualight Systems: The Townsend Brown Foundation

What the hell is Qualight Systems? I can't actually tell you for certain, but this is at least a start. Check out their facinating (though jargon-filled site): Qualight Systems (link)

Qualight's mission: "Constructed on a cornerstone of scientific expertise, Qualight Systems was chartered to bridge the void between theoretical formula and practical application of leading-edge energy and propulsion systems. Our two-fold vision is to further science and education through research and development and by making available scientific information that might otherwise be unavailable. Qualight Systems was designed to assist students and the general public in appreciating the scientific and artistic aspects of our universe.
Research: Propulsion Systems, anti-gravity research, innovatove energy resource development, dialectrics, apparatus configuration, electrohydrodynamics, gravitational radiation, electrogravitic communication....
Education:Qualight Systems serves its educational goal through the continuing use of current internet technology to reach the ever-expanding number of students and researchers on the internet. Qualight Systems will continue to develop and maintain this website (www.Qualight.com) in the public interest. This website provides downloads, documentation, educational information, news, and other related material."

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