Tuesday, April 1, 2008

JW Dean's Abduction? of 1915

Excerpt from His Diary:::::::::::::::::::::::
Sept. 14, 1915--
"I had an experience on the night of the 10th inst entirely new to me & it has had a prominent place in my thoughts ever since. I had retired at the usual time, was at my best in health and general bodily condition, and fell asleep promptly. In about an hour, I judge, I suddenly awoke with a sort of nervous chill. The most unaccountable twitching and tingling sensation ran over & through my whole body. The twitchings seem to race rapidly up & down and round & round in a manner very difficult to describe. No pain, no fever, no chilling--radically unlike any previous experience. At once I began to wonder what could have brought on such a malady, if so it might be termed, when--clairaudiently perhaps--I heard a voice remarkably clear, distinct & pleasant and the words in substance: 'This is all right. No harm will come to you. We have you in charge. Come.' Now the queer part of the whole strange affair is that I was not excited or disturbed in the least but promptly assented with the coolest indifference. Three persons young men, led me rapidly away. We neither walked nor rode but seemed to be borne along easily & quietly and by some invisible agency. Soon we stopped in the presence of quite a number of people. On the left was a group of middle aged, & older; on the right, children; near to and directly in front young men, my three guides being the nearest. All, excepting the older people, were eying me and smiling as if they were much pleased at something. Suddenly the leader of the three guides attracted my attention by waving his hand & nodding as much as to say, 'Look and see.' In wonderment I asked, mentally, Is this Spirit Land & are all these people spirits? The leader smilingly nodded in the affirmative, saying 'This is Spirit Land & these people you see are indeed spirits.' We then returned and I was soon myself again, the peculiar tingling sensation having entirely ceased. Now most will say that this unique experience was a dream--a dream & nothing more. Perhaps it was but it was a long way out of the ordinary. Anyway the strange bit of experience has dominated my thoughts ever since and like Banquo's ghost will not down. So it occurred to me that making a record of it in these pages might tend to aid me in relieving the mind somewhat of almost constantly trying to make something or nothing of the strange affair."

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