Saturday, March 8, 2008

PERM ABNORMAL ZONE: First UFO sanctuary opens in Russia

20.02.2008 Source: Pravda.Ru

The center of abnormal triangle is situated in the middle of Ural taiga in the place called Molebka, 125 miles away from Perm.
The sanctuary is going to have a monument to Russian alien in the center. They say, it is going to be done by one famous Russian sculptor. A UFO museum and an observatory are going to be situated nearby. The cupola of the headquarters will look like the flying plate. The sanctuary administration is going to spend 5 million dollars for the project. 70 % of the sum will be donated by Region Administration, the rest is planned to be invested by local investors. UFO hunters will be placed in comfortable cottages for 20 – 40 dollars per person. Consider that 2 days in American UFO sanctuary “Zone 51”, NV, costs 500 dollars per person. Sanctuary administration plans to receive up to 500 tourists monthly. Perm region Minister of trade Elena Gilyazova likes the idea of the UFO sanctuary. “Molebka is a famous and popular place with its rich history. It would be inefficient not to use this town as a tourist attraction. ”People will keep on visiting Molebka, whether we like it or not. Every year 450 thousand tourists visit Perm region, half heading for abnormal zone”.

Perm abnormal zone (known also as M – triangle, Perm triangle and M - zone) is situated on the left bank of the river Silva between the villages Molebka and Kamenka on the border of Sverdlovskaay and Permskaya region. It is famous for a lot of abnormal events going on there. The zone occupies about 44 miles. A lot of mythological legends spread around Molebskaya zone. They offer explanations of the mysteries going on in this place, descriptions of people meeting aliens and even talks about the “Gate to Shambala” that is situated on one of the hills.

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