Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flying Over Volar water by Peter Greenaway

Flying Over water is an interesting proposal for a installation art work, that serves to push film past its current stagnant state. The subject of this installation is the story of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun on wings made of beeswax and feathers, and fell to his death when the beeswax melted from the heat of the sun. In this article, Greenaway repeatedly analyses the story of Icarus, questioning his age, and what type of feathers he could have used, and other details of the story. I was not sure how these questions tied into his installation, but I found the various meanings and morals behind the story, such as humility. Like Carrie mentioned, I found the text difficult to read, in that I was unsure how it all tied together. His installation is something I wold love to experience. It is an interesting concept, particularly the idea that the viewer chooses who he/she would like to be Icarus from various men displayed in glass, as if they where video game characters, or action figures. One thing Greenway said that stands out in my mind, although it is unrelated to flight, is that images become slaves to text. The text describes what you are seeing, and the meaning behind it, and the imagery illustrates the text. I thought this was an interesting statement, which I agree with.

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