Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alien Implants

Many abductees believe that their bodies have been implanted with some sort of small alien device known as an implant, which are allegedly used for tracking and mind control. For some, there are allegedly biological implants encoded within their DNA, especially where family members have been abducted through generations, as part of an ongoing biogenetic experiment. Discovery, During routine X-rays and MRI's, alleged abductees sometimes discover unexplained objects in their body. Neither their doctor nor the abductee is able to explain how these objects got there.
Removal, Implants are often found in the brain, hand, leg or ear. Some can be removed, others cannot. It depends where they are located in the body. Some naturally dislodge after a period of time. Numerous implants have been removed and studied. The implants are generally no more than 3cm (1 inch) long and 1mm (1/16 of an inch) in thickness. The implant is wire-shaped and under an electron microscope appears to have a complex structure containing many different layers. Tests have shown that the implant is composed of a variety of metals and alloys.The concept of implants is an outgrowth of the modern UFO craze which began in 1947. In the 1960s came reports of alien abductions, events now understood to consist largely of waking dreams, hypnosis-induced fantasies, and hoaxes. Implants seem to have begun with the alleged 1967 abduction of a Massachusetts woman, Betty Andreasson, who described a tiny spiked ball that had supposedly been inserted up her nose. Soon such devices began to proliferate, one of which survived and was thoroughly investigated by the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in the late 1980s. Possessed by a self-claimed abductee, the object had supposedly been implanted by his extraterrestrial abductors, but was later dislodged when he caught a cold and blew his nose. It proved to be a common ball bearing! Since 1994 alleged implants have been surgically recovered but they've become remarkably diverse: one looks like a shard of glass, another a triangular piece of metal, still another a carbon fiber, and so on. None was located in the brain or nasal cavity, instead being recovered from such extremities as toe, hand, shin, external ear, etc.; some were accompanied by scars while others were not. As physicians know, a foreign object can enter the body unnoticed, as during a fall, or while running barefoot in sand or grass -- even as a splinter from a larger impacting object. Such foreign objects may become surrounded by a membrane, like several of the recovered "implants." In his book Confirmation Whitley Strieber describes several of the implants including one removed from his own external ear by a physician. It turned out to be collagen, the substance from which cartilage is formed. Strieber admits that the promised "hard evidence" provided by implants is not so hard after all: "I hope this book will not cause a rush to judgement," he writes, "with skeptics trying to prove that evidence so far retrieved is worthless while UFO believers conclude that it is proof. Both approaches are a waste of time, because the conclusive evidence has not yet been gathered."

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