Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SPWeatherStation Art Installation in Queens, NY

SP Weather Station is an artist-run homemade weather station in Long Island City, Queens. [installation!] It will publish the SP Weather Report, a regular printed document available by mail subscription (in a while). Weather data will be collected at regular intervals and made available to guest interpreters, who pair this weather data with their own personal record of the time period in question. The format is open-ended; interpreters may choose to record aspects of their daily life that are directly affected by local weather, or they can expand on the possibilities of what pairing a weather report with a personal report might mean.
SP Weather Station builds on the existing international phenomenon of Personal Weather Stations. Ham weather station enthusiasts worldwide combine DIY analogue technology with organized web forums for collecting and analyzing data, such as wunderground.com (resource links on this site to the right). Although weather station hobbyists are widespread, by and large recording and processing weather data is the domain of high-tech centers and commercial enterprises.
By recording our neighborhood’s environmental conditions, we want to participate in and add to some of the many ways people have, throughout history, made their own weather observations. We are interested in combining new and historical technologies, and in how individuals relate to broader systems and patterns.
S.P. Weather Station is a collaborative project by Heidi Neilson and Natalie Campbell,
and is another exciting facet of S.P. Stationers Group

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