Saturday, April 19, 2008

flyingoutofthisworld: (Un)Identified Flying Object Student Exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art

Above: exhibition view, Paul Crump nitrogen bottle/jet pack sculpture in foreground
Above: exhibition view: Louis Shaffer alien plant/life form in foreground
Above: exhibition view, Maggie Covert artist book in foreground
Above: exhibition view, Austin Rocket installs the signage
Above: Louis Shaffer sculpture of alien plant/life form
Above: Melody Lin's custom designed and digitally printed fabric space suit modeled by the artist
Above: Paul Crump's wearable nitrogen fueled jet pack sculpture
Above: exhibition view Paul Crump in front of Chelsea Noggle's project on the Yakima Valley, Washington earthquake light phenomena and UFO sightings, in relation to her project on the mysterious disappearance of cryptozoologist, Celia Landano. Right: Maggie Covert's prints and artist book.
Above left: A.J. Farkas' pinhole telescope he used to make Van Dyke Brown photographs of the sun. Right: Chelsea Noggle's Yakima Valley project. Far right: Maggie Covert's artist book.
Above: A.J. Farkas' pinhole telescope camera and Van Dyke Brown photos of the sun.
Above: Alien Food Product.
Above: more alien food. Left to right: Kat Sotelo, Paul Crump, Maggie Covert, Katie Morton, Austin Rocket.
Above: Katie Morton's alien food products.
Above: Adam Farkas' creature.

Show participants: Chelsea Noggle, Maggie Covert, Kelly Shaw, Katie Morton, Adam Farkas, A.J. Farkas, Louis Shaffer, Austin Rocket, Melody Lin, Chris Raybourne, Matt Sears, Carrie Schneider, Emily Alves

Please post images of your work from the show. These are the only ones I took and sorry it doesn't represent every participant.

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