Saturday, March 8, 2008


 Like a bird constructing a nest from trash and twigs, the universe collects debris from the surrounding space to form new planets. 
 I was thinking about this while working on my video piece. I had been staring at static for months, trying to from whole from all the tiny pieces of noise. I thought how alike humans and  the universe are.  Reproduction, technology, medical science. Even our ideas are made from pieces of information we collect from out environment.
 While the universe tries to make sense of itself, we (on a much smaller scale) try to make sense of our existence.
  Even with simple things like how to tell a dog from a cat. If we we were to imagine our thoughts as galaxies we may represent the idea of  "dog" and "cat" as two separate planets, sharing a galaxy with other house pets, such as fish, gerbils, so on. 
 Problem solving allows our mental planets to gain and lose mass as we gather new information. Balance is how most answers are discovered/justified . For something to be hot their must be cold, to find an unknown you solve for zero, ant eaters can not survive without ants. Balance creates order, without it we are left with confusion, debris, and chaos. However, perfect balance could mean (solving for zero) non-existence.
   My video is an attempt to articulate these ideas. If anyone has any suggestions for the sound or have something else to add, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

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