Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Astronaut Encounters

Here is some information on alien encounters by Astronauts. The information is from

US experience.

Across the Atlantic in America the US space programme brought its own spate of curious incidents. In 1966 two bright red glowing objects captured the attention of astronauts Young and Collins as they circled the Earth. At the time they had ventured further into space than any other human.. Suddenly both astronauts were amazed to find they were no longer alone. Two bright red glowing objects now occupied the same orbital path. The astronauts immediately informed Mission Control, who in turn requested further information. In their words: "If you can get a bearing maybe we can track them down."! Just at that particular moment astronaut Young radios back: "They just disappeared...."!

The official verdict attributed the sighting to space junk discarded from an unmanned Saturn rocket earlier that month. A cosy explanation, but one that fails to explain the erratic movements of the objects as they left orbit and disappeared so quickly. The astronauts were adamant these were not stars and it is difficult to image what man-made device of that time could emit a glowing red light so far out there in space!

The Hubble enigma.

An instance of public space transmission being cut in the face of embarrassing circumstances occurred quite recently on a Space Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble space telescope. The incident which was broadcast on a special edition of Strange but True, contains audio exerpts of astronauts puzzled by strange flashing lights seen moving around the Space Shuttle on February 18th of this year. Shown to a background picture of Mission Control, the astronauts can be heard talking routinely to one another before one of them cries out: "What a flash! I saw a light flash.....there it is again"!

So unusual is the incident that one astronaut imagines he is seeing things, but his companion then confirms the sighting. Seconds later one of them observes: "There's two of them.....there's another one. What are they"? Apparently the flashing lights continue. One of the astronauts makes a joke about them: " Who'd be taking pictures"? he wonders. The other responds: "It's just gone past in front of us . Further lights! Gone up!"

At this point the picture shows a supervisor stride across to the Mission Control director and both pictures and sound terminate abruptly. The studio discussion on the incident has one "expert" believe that at the time of the incident the two astronauts are actually inside the Shuttle, unable to see out, and that the lights are LED's on a control panel. This rather naive explanation fails to account for the fact that in the words of the astronauts the lights are most definitely moving. Their genuine surprise suggests this is a situation they have never encountered before, and one of the astronauts actually questions whether he is seeing things. The fact is that whatever they are looking at is quite obviously more than just a pair of malfunctioning diodes on a control panel. Interestingly NASA declined to comment on the incident.

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